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As the post is 4 inches wide, 3 multiplied by 4 is 12, so the hole needs to be 12 inches square. Please use our table below to work out the width and depth of hole required for your posts. Please note the below requirements are specific for premixed concrete such as Postcrete mentioned here. Post size.【Get Price】

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Most vinyl or wood fence panels are made 8’ long and the actual distance between fence posts cannot be greater than 96”. Some panels are 72” long in such case maximum space cannot exceed 6’. For chain link fence line posts normally set every 6’ to 10’ apart depending on the distance between terminal posts.【Get Price】

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02/07/2018· Holes should also be dug 10-12 inches wide or about 3 times the width of the post. Before you dig, be sure to call your local utilities company to mark any underground cables. Also, reassess your fence layout and make sure your posts are where you want them.【Get Price】

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14/10/2019· Dig the first post hole. Local building code will dictate post hole depth and diameter. Typically, the diameter is triple the width of the post (12 inches for a 4-inch-by-4-inch post). The hole depth should be below the frost line. Typically, this means to a depth of 30 inches (24 inches for post, 4 inches for gravel and 2 inches below ground level).【Get Price】

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Your post diameter and height determine how big each hole needs to be. As stated above, fence post holes should be 3 times the diameter of your post and 1 ⁄ 3 as deep as your post. First, you need to calculate the volume for the post hole. Then calculate the volume for the part of the post that will be submerged in the hole.Using The Post Hole CalculatorThe post hole calculator will determine the cubic yardage and bags of concrete needed for a concrete project involving a set of post holes. In addiHow to Find The Amount of Concrete NeededConcrete is sold by the cubic yard, or in pre-mixed bags. A cubic yard is just a standard volume, measured in yards. Find cubic yardage by multiplyTips For Ordering ConcreteCall your concrete supplier and tell them about your project and what the concrete is for, ie. footings, fence posts, etc. Ask them to advise you o【Get Price】