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Gravity Walls: It is most popular types of retaining wall. Gravity wall assures its stability by its own …【Get Price】

Types of Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall and Their Parts

Types of reinforced concrete retaining walls are cantilever retaining walls and counterfort retaining walls. Functions and parts of these retaining walls are discussed. Retaining wall are generally used to retain earth or other material to maintain unequal levels on two faces.【Get Price】

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Reinforced Retaining Walls Reinforced Soil Walls - Concept. The Great Wall of China, dating back some 2,200 years, was built as a double sided Geogrids. Geogrids are flexible, synthetic meshes which are manufactured specifically for slope stabilization and earth Positive Interlock. Allan 【Get Price】

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04/03/2019· Before we proceed with the design, it is important for the designer to know the geometric variable and parameters of the retaining wall. Refer to Figure A.2 below. Figure A.2-Retaining Wall Geometric Variables. where: H: Height of the retaining wall; L: Width of the base; D: Thickness of the base; B: Width of the toe; C: Stem thickness at the bottom【Get Price】

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Cast in the wall started bars. Stage 2 – Lay two row of block, two block high with a 300mm gap in between the rows of blocks. Stage 3 – Pour concrete between the blocks to cast the reinforced concrete wall. Stage 4 – Lay the rest of the blocks to form a 3m or 3.6m walls as shown in the sketches.: Sean Stone【Get Price】