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20/07/2018· Add these costs together and you will have a $10,000 labor burden. Do the same calculations for each employee on your crew to determine the base rate for the entire team working on the project. Find the Labor Rate. After you’ve determined your team’s base rate, you need to know its labor …【Get Price】

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2019 national estimator labor and cost estimating guides . national construction estimator 2019- 67th annual edition - current building costs for residential, commercial, and industrial construction. estimated prices for every common building material, the labor cost to install the material and a total "installed" cost.【Get Price】

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Assume a 20% factor for labor burden: Total Crew Cost per hour including Labor Burden is: 1.2 Labor Burden Factor X $80.00/hr = $96.00. Now apply a markup to the total crew cost to determine the price for this 3-person crew. In this example, the markup on the labor cost is 50%, or a markup factor of 1.5. This markup will produce a 33% margin.【Get Price】

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The labor cost on an average 2,776 square foot home will run about $68,000. The ratio of labor cost to material costs is about $1.28 in labor for every $1 in materials—for baseline costs—and more with more ornate materials or custom work because of the higher cost of architects and master craftsmen.【Get Price】