sanding and polishing floor boards

How To Polish Floorboards - Timber Floor Sanding

Remove all the staples that are in the floorboards using pliers, and level off any nails using a nail punch to make the floor surface level and suitable for sanding. Be sure to open your windows and close your doors to manage dust levels in the space. Wear a dust mask and safety glasses.【Get Price】

Floor Sanding and Polishing Floor Boards

Polishing The Floor. At the end of floor sanding, we will use a coat to protect your wood. When this is dry, we can polish your floor to give it the ultimate shine that everybody will love. Floor sanding and polishing may take a few days but when you get the right people to do it, it will last for a long time. Floor sanding and polishing are 【Get Price】

Price For Sanding Wood Floors - Absolute Floor Sanding

All our staff are highly trained with years of experience in both domestic and commercial wood floor sanding and refinishing. Also, we ensure our entire team is consistently professional and friendly throughout any project. We have the appropriate public liability insurance in place for your peace of mind.【Get Price】

Original Floorboards Sanding - Floor Sanding London

In most homes, when the original floorboards were laid, they were approximately 20 mm thick. Each round of sanding reduces this thickness and it is considered that thickness of 15 mm should be the point where no further floor sanding should be excersised and instead - new wood …【Get Price】

DIY Guide: How To Professionally Sand Wooden Floors

Really it’s up to you. We’d recommend doing any of the dirty work like stripping wallpaper and skimming before sanding the floor, other than that it really doesn’t matter. When sanding around the edges of the floor, you will inevitably knock your skirting boards, though, so finishing them off after sanding the floor is probably a good idea.【Get Price】