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[Orange peel describes a dry finish film textured with small bumps and craters, very much like the skin of most citrus fruits.] You're looking at the wrong end of the gun, dude. The good news is that there's nothing at all wrong with the finish, and you'll be able to get it working well right away.【Get Price】

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I am finishing a maple burl veneer tabletop that has now developed significant orange peel in the new finish (see my photo, above). To enhance the grain and color, I used a boiled linseed oil tip from the Fepuary 2017 Woodworker’s Journal issue* to stain and pop the grain, and let it …【Get Price】

What causes the orange-peel effect in floor coatings?

28/9/2016· Let’s start off by mentioning that orange peel effect tends to appear in thin coats like top-coats or floor paints. The easiest way to avoid this texture would be simply to apply higher build 【Get Price】

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29/7/2020· If your polyurethane continues to bubble and peel after the second or even third coat, either the stain wasn't dry before you started applying the topcoat, or the conditions are too humid. If this is the case, you are going to have to refinish the floor. Stain should be left 【Get Price】

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1:0712/9/2016· How to Stop and Fix Orange Peel when Spraying Paint - Duration: 12:11. Pittsburgh Spray Equipment Co HOW TO APPLY POLYURETHANE TO WOOD - Duration: 6:16. Magic pistles LLC 415,817 views 6:16 : Eco Advantage Painting & Concrete Polishing【Get Price】

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4:2120/1/2015· Wood Finish Identification & Finish Repair (oil, shellac , lacquer, and poly/varnish) - Duration: 7:10. Fixing Furniture 15,004 views 7:10 How-to remove orange peel without sanding (Step-by-step : Salty Farm Dawg【Get Price】

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15/3/2013· my first time working with poly so bear with me. i've added a second coat of oil based poly (gloss) to a job left unfinished by a contractor. i'm using parks pand from Seven Trust and applying with their best 3/8" foam roller. lightly sanded between coats with pole sander (as in drywall ceilings) 180 grit. coming back to the house after the second coat, i had a lot of orange peel effect. some 【Get Price】

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25/9/2019· How to Troubleshoot Polyurethane. As a clear finish for woodwork, polyurethane has advantages over lacquer and alkyd varnish, but it also has disadvantages. On the plus side, it 【Get Price】

Fixing Polyurethane Bubbles, Puddles, Runs and push marks

25:2028/5/2018· The approach you use in fixing polyurethane bubbles, puddles, runs and push marks should be based on the size and thickness of your flaws and the time polyurethane finish has had to set up. 2.: paulsDIYsolutions【Get Price】

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6/1/2012· Looks like orange peel to me. Pic number 3 is classic orange peel, caused by to thick an application, I told my girlfriend that this floor guy can not "fix" them without stripping all of the poly off and starting from scratch again, but I'm sure she is going to let him 【Get Price】