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Since the fence is in good condition, I’m using a water based clear coat protective finish, just to give it that weather protection, without adding any color.I’m using my new Flexio 3000 sprayer by Wagner that comes ready to use right out of the box. Just need to fill the container and plug it in. This sprayer comes with a wide angle spray nozzle specifically made for fences, so I’m : wpc【Get Price】

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Avoid getting any fence stain on stone, pick, concrete, patios, paving or any other porous surfaces as its unlikely to come out; Staining New Fence Panels. New fence panels rarely need staining as they have either been pre-treated with a coloured wood treatment or have the natural colour of the wood used to make the fence panel.Shed Paint · Fence Paint · Fence Preservative · Garden Furniture Oil · Shed Oil【Get Price】

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After cleaning, your wood fence will need protection from water damage. For the convenience of a one-day project, Thompson's ® WaterSeal ® Exterior Stains can be applied to damp, freshly cleaned wood. When treating your fence and applying a Thompson's ® WaterSeal ® waterproofer or fence stain, follow the label’s application instructions 【Get Price】

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26/11/2012· It’s actually relatively easy to do. There’s no need to be intimidated by the process. In fact, we almost always recommend staining your fence instead of painting it simply because stain penetrates the wood better. Paint can’t duplicate this penetration and as a result requires more maintenance for typically less attractive results.【Get Price】

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25/01/2008· What you need is a good semitransparent or transparent sealer/stain that will block UV rays and keep out moisture. Wait a few weeks to let the wood air out before sealing/staining it. You'll have a re-seal or re-stain it every 3 years or so but thats the cost of keeping you fence …Top responsesAre you sure it is cedar? Cedar doesn't have to be treated but it can be to preserve colour and prevent cracking. Do the planks go into/touch the dirt?2 votesIt could be cedar or it could be pressure treated. There are pressure treated panels made to mimic the look of cedar. I would find the neighbor with the best …read more1 voteLive in Oregon- put new cedar fence up last year..with PT posts, yes I stained it - with Cabot's- couldn't be happier.1 voteDo both sides of the fence or it will start to warp. All or nothing. Make sure it's nice and dried out.1 vote全部【Get Price】

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I do not believe this to be necessary at all when staining a fence. On the off chance that one can of stain has a slight variation from another, you will never be able to tell on an exterior fence. Don’t worry about mixing your stain. pushing And Rolling Your Fence Stain Onto Your Wood Fence. It’s Not time to apply the stain.【Get Price】

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For a small fence, up to 175 square feet, you will only need one gallon of stain, in any transparency. If your fence is larger, up to 550 square feet, you will need to buy 2 gallons of stain. For very large fences, up to 700 square feet, you will need 3 to 4 gallons of stain to complete the project.【Get Price】

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Fence Stain Guide: Step 1. Closely Examine the Wood. This first step is very easy in the fence staining project. Closely examining the wood involves looking for things like poken fence pieces, screws, nails, or staples. These things need to be removed or fixed in order to end up with a smooth surface where you can apply the fence stain.【Get Price】

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Stain can change the look of your fence to match your home or landscaping without covering up the beautiful natural grain of the wood. Estimating the amount of stain you'll need saves time and 【Get Price】

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We recommend adding an additional 5% - 10% to account for additional paint (or stain) needed for fence posts, to account for spillage, etc. Figure 1: Fence Made up of Four Sections This calculator is designed to provide you with a good, reasonable estimate for the amount of paint or stain you will need for your fence.【Get Price】