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06/08/2018· In fact, ebonite is the exception to my general assertion that “materials don’t matter very much”. When comparing different woods, especially the denser tropical woods that are favored for woodwind production, I’ve never perceived any substantial difference between them, all other things being equal. Ebonite stands out by being more noticeably resonant.【Get Price】

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Ebonite is a pand name for a material generically known as hard rubber, and is obtained by vulcanizing natural rubber for prolonged periods. Ebonite may contain from 25% to 80% sulfur and linseed oil. Its name comes from its intended use as an artificial substitute for ebony wood. The material has also been called vulcanite, although that name formally refers to the mineral vulcanite. Charles …【Get Price】

What is ebonite? Is it actually a wooden material or any

25/01/2014· Favourite answer. Ebonite was a pand name for very hard rubber first obtained by Charles Goodyear by vulcanizing rubber for prolonged periods. It is about 30% to 40% sulfur. Its name comes from【Get Price】

Differences between metal and ebonite or wood clarinets

The OP subject was the sound difference between materials. When you hit a metal bucket it sounds different than a wooden one of exact build. Air vipating in a tube? Has to be some difference. Most people don't hit their clarinet. There is no difference in sound between wood and …Sax Mouthpieces: Metal Vs. Hard rubber, whats the 08/06/2018why ebonite/hard rubber instead of metal?16/01/2004【Get Price】

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26/09/2009· Ebonite (which is a hard rubber, NOT a molded plastic) is considered a good choice for non-professional players. The molded ABS plastic (Selmer tradename Resonite) is certainly a step down where tone is concerned. It's fine for beginners. Wood clarinets (blackwood or rosewood) will be much more expensive and a little harder to care for.【Get Price】

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09/06/2000· Can You Tell the Difference? Metal vs Ebonite. Listen to the audiofiles below, you may be able to identify a consistent difference between the mouthpiece material, in this case metal and hard rubber. Some of these are played with a Metal mouthpiece, some with an Ebonite mouthpiece (with the same internal and external dimensions).【Get Price】

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NB See: The use of wood in construction for an alternative definition. Find out more Related articles on Designing Buildings Wiki. 11 things you didn't know about wood. Carpentry. Definition of tree for planning purposes. Forests. Physical Properties of Wood. The differences between hardwood and softwood. Timber. Tree rights. Types of timber.: ebonite【Get Price】