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PVC vs Composite Decking. When comparing composite vs PVC decking, the main difference is appearance. Composites often better resemble natural wood. By contrast, PVC has a more obviously synthetic appearance. However, there are actually quite a few other differences between the two materials that are worth noting. Cost . How much does a PVC deck cost?【Get Price】

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09/01/2019· Capped vs. Uncapped. Both composite and PVC decking materials can be either capped or uncapped. Uncapped decking is the more cost-effective choice, but it is also more vulnerable to staining and mold growth if not carefully maintained. Capped decking offers extra protection in the form of a hard outer shell. Capping is not an add-on.【Get Price】

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18/11/2013· PVC decking is considered to be slightly more sophisticated than plastic decking (despite it coming under the plastic family). It is made entirely from polyvinyl chloride, an incredibly hard and strong plastic, so requires little to no maintenance after installation.【Get Price】

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For most decking ventures, material can be narrowed down to three options: wood, PVC, and composite. Wood decks, while the traditional material of choice, require frequent maintenance to avoid rot and deterioration down the line. PVC decks, on the other hand, are crafted from a more durable material but can look cheap thanks to the wood pulp blend.【Get Price】

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04/07/2020· Many high-quality PVC decking boards are also made from a high amount of recycled content as well and are recyclable. On the downside, PVC decking tends to get warmer in the summertime than a composite board. Scratch resistance is a toss-up as PVC decking it's highly scratch and stain-resistant.【Get Price】

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20/03/2019· PVC is much harder and more scratch resistant than composite decking, which is good news if you have a large dog or heavy patio furniture. All these benefits don’t come cheap, however: PVC decking will cost you about $10 per sq. ft. Some companies offer a limited lifetime warranty.: The Family Handyman【Get Price】