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27/12/2018· Many wire fences can be stretched out at 15-feet intervals, depending on the purpose of the fence. When it comes to other fence materials, spacing can be anywhere between 6 and 20 feet.【Get Price】

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Most wood fences are spaced 8 feet between fence posts. This isn't for a structural purpose, although 8 feet provides enough support for a wooden fence. Dimensional lumber is usually available in 8 or 16 feet lengths, so having posts 8 feet apart means less cutting and wood waste.【Get Price】

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Fence Post Spacing. For the approximate post spacing and associated number of panel blocksfor a concrete fence, refer to the table below. To accomodate a projects specific lengths, use a combination of two or three different post spacings in the block fence. Using the shorter post spacing …【Get Price】

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20/04/2018· Many different factors impact fence post spacing. In this guide, we walk you through what you need to consider when spacing your fence posts, and what you can do to ensure a long-lasting and robust fence. We have also given a number of examples to help you decided the best post spacing for your farm fence.【Get Price】

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The spacing of fence posts has a significant impact on the structural integrity of a fence. Depending on its use, fence post spacing from 5 feet to 30 feet are typical. Tightly spaced posts are naturally more secure and are less likely to be damaged by impacts. More substantial posts will also provide more strength to the side loads on a fence.【Get Price】

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26/11/2012· Use concrete to cover the post holes for increased stability. Fix wood railings. The first railing should be close to the ground with a distance of around 1 to 3 inches. The next railing should be placed about 3 to 5 feet above the first one and so on. Fix the fence on the wood post using nails after making sure that they are properly leveled.【Get Price】

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01/03/2015· There's two types of wire Mild Steel and High Tensile. Traditionally mild steel (MS) has been used and post spacing was 2m or 6'. I would normally put posts in at 2.5-2.7m but happy to go up to 3m. MS cannot be pulled as tight and as such needs more intermediate posts to hold it …if i'm putting my own fence up how far apart do i put the posts?Depends on the wire and type of fence.I usually put my posts in 2 paces, around 2 metres. I have had jobs for the Forestry Commission where thy are happy with 3-4 metres, but I think 2This thread has been annoying me as there was little detail for non fencers looking for information so here's a bit more clarity. There's two typesI have to ask have you ever fenced to a customer with livestock that would accept 10mt between each post? Would you like a field of limousine heifeDon't understand why your being picky? I said High tensile is capable of spanning 8/10 m, and 4/5m is common, doesn't mean you do that everywhere.I will go to 3 m spacing with ht net no probs and it will take most stock prsure .but there a a lot off the farmers round me that are old school thEveryone will have an opinion, as a rule with mild steel we would go no more than 3.5 mtr, but never really use mild steel now. With ht as said prei once got a spec through for deer fencing with spacings @ 15m, nooooo, turns out they got their spec off an american website ms @ 3m HT @ 4 or 5mpeak down of metre rates - Fencing installation28/01/2018Post and Rail- Rail spacing - Fencing installation06/03/2015【Get Price】