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Phenolic External Wall Insulation Systems PermaRock Phenolic external wall insulation systems incorporate high performance rigid thermoset phenolic foam insulation boards. This lightweight, low thermal conductivity insulation enables high levels of thermal performance to be achieved utilising thinner sections of insulation.【Get Price】

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Phenolic boards are the most effective type of rigid external wall insulation (EWI) boards currently available. Kingspan Kooltherm K5 is a high-quality wall board ideally designed for external insulation.This board features a fiber-free rigid thermoset insulation core, sandwiched between two layers of tissue based facing bonded to the insulation core.【Get Price】

Phenolic Faced Birch Ply | Smooth and Mesh Faced …

What is Phenolic Ply and why use it? All panels are edge sealed, usually with acrylic paint, to minimise moisture penetration. These film faced plywood panels have improved resistance to apasion, moisture penetration, chemicals, insects and fungi. They have a smooth, hygienic, easy to clean surface. Our stock sheets are normally dark pown.【Get Price】

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This is the most common mounting system employed with PRODEX panels: simple, strong and more cost-effective than other systems. Louvers: Louvers are the perfect complement to a ventilated facade, they are designed to cover glass spaces and other surfaces and make it possible to control sunlight as well as energy consumption within a building.: phenolic【Get Price】

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Phenolic Wall Panels are well suited for airport and other public transportation terminals, hospital corridors, stadiums, and behind water fountains or on restroom walls. A Blended Approach to Design Many installations require the high-impact protection of Phenolic panels, but only in certain areas.【Get Price】