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Gerflor supply top of the range cleanroom flooring which is extremely resistant to chemicals, highly resistant to scratching & can withstand very heavy loads.【Get Price】

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19/12/2014· Don’t limit your cleaning to the floor, prior to cleaning the raised floor, clean the server racks and cabinets first, starting from the top of the room and work your way down. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to clean the raised floor then have someone come the next day and dust down the server racks knocking dirt back onto the floor.【Get Price】

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Perfectly tidy. The load bearing capacity, ventilation and electrostatics of a floor are essential for use in clean rooms. Our access floors meet all technical requirements when it comes to high-quality clean room solutions. We manufacture your flooring system with the highest precision and accuracy. You receive our solutions as full panels or ventilation panels with up to 54% free section.【Get Price】

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HuiYa Cleanroom Flooring - Best Clean Room Raised Floor & Dust Free Floor. Clean Rooms are usually required in a high-tech environment, which should keep no dirt, no particulates, while most contamination would be on the floor, in order to create a totally clean and ideal purification workshop, Huiya Clean Room Access Floor products are designed based on the requirements, featuring all-steel anti-statistic raised floor…【Get Price】

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Clean Rooms are environments that must be totally clean. No dust, no dirt, no particulates. The airflow is designed to take microscopic particles down off the body, usually by a grated access floor. These floors are all-aluminum and the application is highly specialized. The floors are expensive compared with mainframe type raised floors.【Get Price】

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Daw Technologies VariSpan™ Raised Flooring System allows for greater access to sub floor services through a less restrictive floor support system by using a system of 48” beams on center to support pedestals for the 24” x 24” floor panels. The VariSpan™ raised flooring system uses approximately 60% less pedestals than the standard 24” o.c. pedestal layout.【Get Price】