compute the cost of installing laminate flooring

How to Compute the Cost of Installing Laminate Flooring

How to Compute the Cost of Installing Laminate Flooring. by Carol Luther . Note any irregularities in the shape of the room that will make it necessary to have additional laminate boards. Calculate the area of this type of room by marking rectangles on the floor and measuring each one separately. Add the measurements of the rectangles 【Get Price】

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For a professional to install laminate flooring, it should cost around £10 to £12 per square metre, plus around £5 to £15 per square metre for the material itself. These prices may vary depending on the type of laminate you choose. There are various types of laminate flooring, including:【Get Price】

How to Compute the Cost of Installing Laminate Flooring

28/06/2017· How to Compute the Cost of Installing Laminate Flooring Laminate Needs. The good thing about a box of laminate planks is that square foot coverage, per-box, appears on the Vapor Barrier. Nearly all types of laminate flooring require a vapor barrier between the laminate and the floor beneath…【Get Price】

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Use our easy-to-use laminate flooring cost calculator to get an approximate cost based on square footage and laminate floor quality. Laminate flooring is getting more and more popular. In fact, based on monthly search volume in the USA, laminate flooring is almost twice as popular as hardwood flooring (see our floor type popularity chart below the calculator).【Get Price】

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Assuming a cost of £5 per square metre for laminate, and £10 per square metre for installation, a 5m x 5m room would cost around £400 once various extras are factored in. Get a flooring quote We can help you meet professional flooring fitters near you to get real quotes today.【Get Price】

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To measure exactly how much laminate flooring you need, follow these simple steps: Measure the width of your room using a tape measure. Measure the length of your room. Multiply the length of your room by the width. Add 10% to account for any errors. Measuring Laminate Floor Example: How much laminate do …: Paul Hambidge【Get Price】