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Child impaled by fence in Kaukapakapa, west Auckland

27/04/2019· Kaukapakapa, west Auckland, where a child has been impaled by a fence. A child has been impaled by an object, understood to be a fence, in west Auckland. More to follow【Get Price】

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A child understood to be injured after they were impaled on a fence in Kaukapakapa, west Auckland has been taken to hospital. Ambulance staff were called to the address at 5.20pm.【Get Price】

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18/12/2018· In most cases, fences built on the boundary of two properties in New Zealand are expected to be paid for equally by the two parties sharing the fence. Most neighbours will be aware of this, and a friendly chat about putting up a fence or improving an existing one should cause no problems.【Get Price】

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Fences & Gates How to erect temporary fencing Putting up temporary fencing is a great way to secure an area for a short period of time. 03:42 Fences & Gates How to fix a fence paling Old or poken fence palings are easy to replace.【Get Price】

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6:3116/09/2019· In Part 7 of Pasture Project’s video series on fencing, we focus on the New Zealand fence knot. Thanks to Kent Solberg (Sustainable Farming Association of MN & Seven Pines Farm and Fence) for : Wallace Center【Get Price】

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Type of fence (if desired, specify one of the specimen fences in the Second Schedule to the Fencing Act 1978, or specify any other type desired). Method of construction (for example, by a contractor, or by one or both neighbours). Estimated total cost (to be shared half each, or, if different shares are proposed, specify those shares).Who is responsible for work on fences?Fencing Act 1978, s 9 The occupiers of adjoining properties must share the cost of work on boundary fences equally, unless: there is a fencing coveHow do I get my neighbour to contribute to the costs of a fence?You should first talk to your neighbour and see if the two of you can agree about sharing the costs of the work. Fencing Act 1978, s 10 If the neigWhat about fencing covenants and agreements?Some properties have fencing covenants or agreements registered against them, which prevents or restricts your claiming fencing costs from the neigWhat is a “fencing notice”?Fencing Act 1978, s 10 A fencing notice sets out the work one person wants to have carried out on the fence and the contribution they are seeking fWhat if the neighbour objects to the proposed fence?Fencing Act 1978, s 11 If the neighbour objects to all, or any, of the proposals in the fencing notice, they have 21 days to give a “cross-notice”,What happens if the neighbour responds with a cross-notice?Fencing Act 1978, s 13 If both neighbours can’t agree on how to deal with the costs of the fence within 21 days of the cross-notice, either neighboWhat if the neighbour does not reply to the fencing notice?Fencing Act 1978, ss 11, 14 If the neighbour who receives a fencing notice does not send a cross-notice within 21 days, they will be considered toWhen can work on a fence begin?Fencing Act 1978, s 14 Work can begin on a fence: 21 days after the fencing notice was given, or if a cross-notice is given, as soon as the differeWhat if a fence needs to be re-built or repaired immediately?Fencing Act 1978, ss 16, 19 If a fence is damaged or destroyed by a sudden accident or other cause and needs immediate work, either neighbour can d【Get Price】

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The 1.9m-high fence at the Orokonui Ecosanctuary in Waitati, New Zealand is designed to keep out all introduced mammals such as possums, rats, stoats, ferrets and even mice. It uses stainless steel mesh that continues down to form a skirt at ground level that prevents animals from burrowing under it.【Get Price】

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This applies whether you’re building your fence for the first time, or replacing an unsatisfactory existing one. Before you start sketching your dream design, however, your neighbour is only obliged to pay for an “adequate” fence under the law. So they can object if they don’t see the need for the flash new fence you’re proposing. To find out more about your rights, search fencing law【Get Price】