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Solar Roof Tiles. The painchild of business mogul Elon Musk, solar roof tiles are widely …【Get Price】

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Vertical farming or ‘indoor farming’, has an amazing range of environmentally-friendly benefits. It significantly reduces the use of fossil fuels (as there are no tractors chugging out pollutants), it eliminates agricultural run-off, reduces the use of water and pesticides, and can produce crops all-year round.: Gertie Goddard【Get Price】

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19/04/2007· Top 10 Emerging Environmental Technologies Make Oil from Just about Anything. Eastern wild turkeys. Any carbon-based waste, from turkey guts to used tires, Remove the Salt. According to the United Nations, water supply shortages will …: Sara Goudarzi【Get Price】

The Coolest, Eco-Friendly Technology on the Planet

22/04/2018· The new Legos are eco-friendly and just as durable as the older models, for instance, and they’re softer to the touch. Editors' Recommendations Seattle’s carbon-neutral NHL venue will be 【Get Price】

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You don't have to go to extreme measures to make your home more eco-friendly either. Whether you're looking to build a new space or thinking about upgrading your existing one, we've got lots of green technologies that you might want to consider. Some of these innovations require a big budget, and others are more of a weekend project.【Get Price】

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Rainwater Tanks Direct to the Plumbing. The water supply that reaches most businesses may be …【Get Price】

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Wind generators – Wind generators for homes are smaller in size than the ones that are used for …【Get Price】

New Techniques in Environmentally-Friendly Buildings

Goals of Environmentally-Friendly Buildings Although new environmentally-friendly building techniques are proposed and tested every year, they all share common objectives for reducing their overall impact on human health and nature. Eco-friendly buildings should serve the following purposes: • Efficiently make use of air, water, and other 【Get Price】