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Trex decking is a composite material made of wood and recycled plastics. There are benefits to the composite decking, including a lower incidence of rot, because the plastic shields the wood. The wood, in return, provides its natural beauty as well as protecting the plastic from damage by Ultra Violet rays.【Get Price】

How to Get Crayon Off the Wall: 7 Speedy Solutions

02/08/2019· How to Get Crayon Off the Wall: 7 Speedy Solutions Baking Soda. Have your walls been redecorated with some original crayon masterpieces? Don’t lose your cool. Just grab a WD-40. Did the kids use your wall as if it was a big coloring book? Spray some WD-40 onto the marks and wipe …: Taylor Shea【Get Price】

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06/09/2019· Hold the magic eraser over the crayon so some of the heat from the water will melt the wax, and then use circular motions to scrub the wall clean. Keep working across your wall until you remove all of the crayon. If one side of the magic eraser …: trex【Get Price】

How can I get candle wax off my dark pown, Seven Trust

1. Scrape excess wax from the wood with the back of a spoon, ice scraper, putty knife or similar object that will remove the wax without scraping the wood. 2. If wax has soaked into the grain of the wood or into the seams in the decking, use an iron to melt and remove the remaining wax. 3.【Get Price】

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To use it to remove crayon from hard surfaces, spray the crayon-ed area, then let the WD-40 stand on the wax for a minute or two to let the product do the work for you. Then, wipe it away using a: trex【Get Price】

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03/06/2018· Just moving into a new house. The siding is dark pown, windows and deck rails are white. Looking for a pight, not too pight color for front and side door.【Get Price】