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50mm Cellecta Hexatherm XPOOL is a specially designed closed cell extruded polystyrene board, ideal for swimming pool bases and retaining walls, due to its high comprehensive strength, which allows it to withstand imposed long-term static load. Its extremely low water absorption allows it to be inst..【Get Price】

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95 行· In addition to a wide range of custom-made PVC extrusion profiles, D W Plastics has the …PRODUCT CODE:DESCRIPTION - WHITE PLASTIC EXTRUSIONS (U…LENGTH (M)PER PACKDWP-01461-SA16MM X 16MM RIGID PLASTIC TRUNKING (WITH …3.0512DWP-0146116MM X 16MM RIGID PLASTIC TRUNKING (NO TA…3.0512DWP-01288-SA25MM X 16MM RIGID PLASTIC TRUNKING (WITH …3.0512DWP-0128825MM X 16MM RIGID PLASTIC TRUNKING (NO TA…3.0512www.dwplastics.co.uk的所有95行【Get Price】

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Extrutech POLY BOARD PVC liner panels for your walls and ceilings, features a smooth pight white, easy to clean surface, rigid double-wall structure and no exposed fasteners. It's easy to install and perfect for dairy applications.【Get Price】

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Our range of PVC bathroom and shower wall and ceiling cladding panels are easy to install, hard wearing, completely waterproof, long lasting and look fantastic. We only stock the best plastic wall panels for bathrooms and our wall and ceiling cladding pands are offered at competitive prices, so you're guaranteed great quality and value.【Get Price】

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Our Shower Boards section has shower boards of all kinds, including waterproof shower boards, shower board panels, wall boards for showers, shower wall boards and more. A shower board provides elderly and disabled people with a platform to aid with washing. We offer waterproof wall boards for showers to aid people with low mobility to wash more easily.【Get Price】

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Plastic Wall Panels Top Selected Products and Reviews 8 White Sparkle Diamond Effect PVC Bathroom Cladding Shower Wall Panels by BCS Panels "Quicker then tiling" - by Barry Hitt Fitted this in shower cubicle looks good very cost affective cheaper and quicker then tiling we are in a hard water area the grout would go of colour after a month or 【Get Price】