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Our maximum fence heights are 1.8m which is will stop all types of deer including Red Deer and Fallow Deer. Our 1.5m wide mesh rolls will produce a fence to stop all Roe Deer, while the 1.2m mesh rolls are ideal for Muntjac protection and all other powsing animals (Rabbits & Hares).【Get Price】

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Deer Fencing; Deer Fencing. Sort By. Plastic Mesh Deer Fencing - Extra Strong - 120g/m2. HOW TO ERECT PLASTIC MESH DEER FENCING This fence is Available in the following sizes: 1.8m x 100m . View Product. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. Plastic Mesh Deer Fencing - Low Visibility - 80grm/m2 【Get Price】

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The typical whitetail deer is known to jump well over 8' high. In one case, a deer jumped a 15’ deer fence; but it may have been chased by a predatory animal such as a coyote or wolf (it's unknown). For maximum deer protection, we recommend at least a 7.5’ high deer fence to protect crops from deer damage. Deer can jump an average of 8’ high, but will not risk the jump if they are uncertain because …【Get Price】

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Agricultural fencing Deer Fencing Our deer fencing is made from galvanised high tensile steel wire. Deer fencing can be used to protect crops and farmland or contain areas in which deer inhabit. We supply numerous heights of deer fencing to stop all species of deer.【Get Price】

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Deer Fence Manufacturing. Red Deer are our largest native Deer and require the highest Deer Park Fencing fencing typically we would use 1.8-2.25m High. We can manufacture to any height and style but typically our 1.8m high Deer Park Fencing would have 9 rails, and be fully welded.【Get Price】

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This Hi - Tensile Plus Fence provides durability and strength, and has been a favourite form of wire fencing with deer farmers throughout Europe for over 25 years. Its’ unrivalled strength provides a secure boundary and comprehensive protection from preda【Get Price】

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Deer Fence 1900mm high galvanised. Thirteen line wires and uprights 150mm apart for perimeter fencing. Deer fence comes in 100m rolls. Gauge of wire Top and Bottom 2.5mm, Intermediates 2.5mm High Tensile Fence allows the posts to be set further apart 9m at maximum but typically 5m. Posts to use for Deer Fencing:【Get Price】

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21/07/2016· The answer is – it depends on your strategy. On average, a standard white-tailed deer can jump 8 feet high, so your fence CAN be approximately that high to prevent these deer from leaping into your property. However, white-tail deer cannot jump both 8 feet high and 8 feet across. Another opinion is to to build a six feet high fence that is angled outward. The additional angling will prevent the deer …【Get Price】

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Fence Height: If you have ever seen the movie, The Yearling (1946), you know deer are great high jumpers, capable of leaping 8 feet into the air. Thus you will generally want a barrier-style deer fence (the most popular being metal or polypropylene mesh) to stand about 8 feet tall.【Get Price】