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22/07/2020· Steel Roof Deck 20-Gauge Corrugated: 2.3 lbs: 230 lbs: 11.23 kg: Western States Metal Roofing: Steel Roof Deck 22-Gauge Corrugated: 1.9 lbs: 190 lbs: 9.28 kg: Western States Metal Roofing: Stone-Coated Steel Roof Tiles 26-Gauge: 1.5 lbs: 150 lbs: 7.32 kg: DECRA Roofing Systems: Thatch (Approximate Typical Weight) 7 lbs: 700 lbs: 34.18 lbs 【Get Price】

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Material: Weight (kg/m 2). Code: 0.50mm steel sheet: 5: AS1170.1-2002 TA2: 0.80 mm steel sheet: 10: AS1170.1-2002 TA2: Terra-cotta tiles: 57: AS1170.1-2002 TA2 Additional Dead Loads · Deflection Criteria · Cold Formed · Floor Dynamic Performance【Get Price】

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Copper Weight inch mm (lb/ft 2) inch mm (lb/ft 2) inch mm (lb/ft 2) inch mm (lb/ft 2) (lb/ft 2) (lb/ft 2) 3 0.2391 6.073 10 0.2294 5.827 9.819 10.392 4 0.2242 5.095 9.375 0.2344 5.954 0.2043 5.189 【Get Price】

how much does corrugated decking weigh

A Deck corrugated metal panel is a narrow ribbed corrugated panel used for any deck.Deck Gage, Design Thickness In. Weight Lbs. Per Sq. Ft. I in. 4, Sp In.3. weight of seven trust decking per sq ft . How much does decking weight per square foot footwood (with pictures) Seven Trust is a composite.Corrugated Steel Decking, B Deck, Mezzanine 【Get Price】

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To determine the thickness in inches and the weight for various gauges of uncoated steel, view this chart from Corrugated Metals. 1-800-621-5617 | [email protected] Home【Get Price】

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The standard width for the "A"-Deck is typically 30"W (some panels do come in a 36"W) in the galvanized (G-60) material, which is the material we would stock this material in. We can also have the A-Deck made in other types of materials as well if requested, in all the standard lengths of 8′, 10′, & 12’L. (longer lengths are available as well).【Get Price】

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A 12-foot length of treated, yellow pine 5/4-by-6 decking will weigh an average of 13.87 pounds (within a range of 10.65 to 17.08 pounds). If not fully dry, treated wood can contain up to 4.5 gallons of water, adding as much as 17.4 pounds to the weight of the 12-foot board.【Get Price】

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3" Composite Corrugated Metal Floor Decking The 3" Composite floor decking is the deepest and most structurally sound concrete flooring panels available. The deep profile allows a deep and stronger pour of concrete therefore a higher slab depth can be had.【Get Price】

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Western Metal Deck stocks metal decking in a galvanized finish, which is a zinc coating. Of the Galvanized Finishes there are 2 types: Galvanized G-60 which means the decking is covered with 3/10 of an ounce of zinc per square foot on the topside, and 3/10 of an ounce on the bottom side.【Get Price】

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The I-Series Deck Board gives the look and feel of natural timber but does not require any staining or sealing and is very low maintenance. An eco-friendly alternative to traditional Timber Decking. Supplied with a 10 year guarantee when used 【Get Price】