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For Production Lines – Several of our non-slip floor mats can be purchased in large fixed-length rolls, such as our best-selling Pinnacle Mat, which can be specified in rolls of 18.3m long. You can also choose from one of our custom sized mats too, simply select from a standard roll width (usually 60cm, 90cm or 120cm) and then enter any length you need.【Get Price】

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If using entrance mats that sit both inside and outside of the entrance, then smaller mats work, but if you opt for one or the other, a larger entrance mat will be required. Remember, people are not likely to wipe their feet and will continue to walk on, so the larger the area covered by entrance matting, the more likely floors in the rest of the building will remain clean and dry.Multi Purpose Commercial Entrance Mats · Indoor Entrance Mats【Get Price】

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These industrial floor mats will ensure maximum dirt removal and keep your floors as clean as possible. Need help choosing an industrial entrance mats, industrial floor mats or industrial door mats? Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect high quality industrial floor mats …【Get Price】

Garage Floor Mats: Costs and Other Garage Flooring Options

Garage Floor Mats are the easiest garage floor covering option with many sizes, colors and patterns to protect and enhance your garage’s value. Standard sizes run from 7 1/2 to 10 feet wide and 14 to 24 feet long, with extended lengths available beyond 50 feet.【Get Price】

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Beautiful Stair Treads. Add a distinctive edge to your steps with the installation of quality stair treads. Available in more than 50 styles manufactured in a variety of sizes, materials and colours the selection at Floor Mats UK comprises the largest stair tread selection in the UK.Offerings include both indoor and outdoor stair tread covers, all at affordable prices.【Get Price】

10 Best Garage Floor Mats [Reviewed April 2020]

Then you definitely want to use these best garage floor mats. Having a fancy garage is great and all, but a bare floor with cracks and chemical stains can look really bad and ruin the entire fact that it is a fancy garage. So what to do to get a fancy floor too?: swiftdeck【Get Price】

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Here are the quick facts about floor mat service investment. 3’x10’ carpet mats cost $4-$6 when changed weekly or biweekly and $8-$10 when changed monthly. 3’x5’ carpet mats cost $2-$4 when changed weekly or biweekly and $4-$6 when changed monthly. 4’x6’ carpet mats cost $3-$5 when changed weekly or biweekly and $7-$9 when changed monthly.: swiftdeck【Get Price】