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You can increase the charm of these structures with the use of climbing vines. Pergolas are an excellent choice to shade a backyard patio, fireplace, or fire pit . On average, adding a pergola will cost around $3,500 for a professional installation, [1] and most spend between $2,000 and $5,000 for the project.【Get Price】

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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Pergola? The cost to build a pergola ranges from as little as £380 on the low end and up to as much as £5,350 on the high end. Most homeowners pay an average of £2,300 for pergola builders. This should include materials, labor, and assembly. Pergola builders may charge around £3,450 for putting together a ten x 12 ft pergola on a pick base.【Get Price】

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10/07/2020· Pergola Cost Built From Scratch. A basic garden pergola measuring 8 feet wide by 16 feet long, built of pressure-treated wood and mounted in the ground with concrete, can be built for around $570. This cost does not include taxes, delivery fees, or pavers. Appearance-grade pressure-treated wood will raise the price.【Get Price】

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Seven Trust decking products can be made from Cedar or tropical hardwood boards, and although they cost more, they are not that much more expensive. The average cost to install timber decking is typically around £1,000-£2,200. This price assumes installing approximately 20 square metres of …【Get Price】

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The cost of this will depend on how much waste needs to be taken away, although a typical removal job would be priced at £10 to £30 per square metre of waste. If you’re on a budget, you may want to opt for a typical decking which can be found in your local DIY store and will cost around £1,000 .【Get Price】

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08/07/2020· The estimated cost for materials and labor to install a 10x10 foot pergola is around $3,600. Pergola costs can range from as little as $1,000 for a small prefab vinyl or PVC kit on the low end to $9,000 to design and install sprawling custom patio covers and …What affects the cost of building a pergola?While the cost of pergola installation can fluctuate between contractors, it's usually the building materials that impact pergola costs the most. AWhat's the best material for your pergola?Price isn't the only consideration when selecting material. Next, we'll peak down additional factors to consider when choosing a material for yourHow much does a do-it-yourself pergola kit cost?Smaller free-standing vinyl DIY patio cover kits can cost as low as $600, although the average price for a standard 10x10 foot aluminum pergola kitHow much does it cost to build and install a pergola?Once you've purchased your materials or a pre-cut kit, expect to pay between $500-$1,500 for pergola installation . However, labor costs can doublHow can you save money on your pergola?The quickest way to save money on a pergola is to use less expensive materials. Opt for vinyl, PVC, alumawood, or pressure-treated pine instead ofShould you build a pergola?A pergola may seem like a simple DIY project you can knock together over the weekend, but it's worth getting a professional involved if you want sa【Get Price】

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18/07/2013· For a basic 10-by-10 pergola using cost-effective cedar, expect to pay $3,000 for materials and $500 for labor, which isn't that much more than a DIY job. High-end pergola installations using more expensive materials such as Seven Trust or Teak can run the price up …【Get Price】

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04/06/2019· Around $320 per square metre for hardwood and bamboo decking. Around $350 per square metre for composite decking. Although the initial cost is slightly higher than timber, composite decking will last longer so you won’t be replacing it as often. Around $450 per square metre for aluminium decking.: Karina May【Get Price】

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How Much Does a Timber Pergola Cost? The cost of a timber pergola depends on the size of the pergola and its complexity. The least expensive timber pergolas come in kit form. As a rough guide, say you want a 5 metre long by 3 metre deep timber pergola. Depending on what you choose it might cost:*【Get Price】