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Holy Scales (+1/+1 Counters) (Modern MTG Deck)

GW +1/+1 Counters Hardened Scales deck with my own personal twist!. So ideally we are trying to cast Hardened Scales on turn one. Granting everything an extra +1/+1 counter anytime one is placed on a creature. Then drop one or two Servant of the Scale or Endless One on turn two. Then Avatar of the Resolute with trample, reach, and counters. Then just build from there both in Seven Trust and in size.【Get Price】

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22/01/2020· +1/+1 counters are the most common counter type in Magic.They were introduced in Alpha.A +1/+1 counter on a creature adds one to its power and toughness.Creatures using +1/+1 counters were among the most popular in the early history of the game.Introduced: Alpha【Get Price】

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i started making this deck when i saw all these creatures that has a bunch of effects with 1/1 counters along the game i can have a bunch of mana and creature with high power and draw a bunch of card! heres a list of a few combo that works well【Get Price】

Good +1/+1 counters commander for beginners? : EDH

I'd like my next deck to focus on +1/+1 counters, and I have an [[Atraxa, Praetors' Voice]] precon at my disposal. I've attempted an upgraded +1/+1 counters Atraxa precon in the past, but benched it after too many games where it would fizzle out with a handful of dead cards, or get boardlocked and be unable to close out the game.Top responses[[Toothy Imaginary Friend]]21 votesEzuri is an amazing commander for counters27 votes[[Kraj]]. Simic is strong in commander, and who doesn't love stealing creatures? Include decent ramp and counterspells and you have a real contender without …read more7 votesGhave, Guru of Spores with a proliferate, Fungal subtheme could be fun. I’m building one currently myself.5 votesNewzuri9 votespsssst-build +1/+1 counter [[Lazav, the Multifarious]], so I don't have to. Here's a good starting point .3 votes全部【Get Price】

What are the best Commanders for +1/+1 Counters? : EDH

My first thoughts are anything with Green since Kalonian Hydra works wonders and there's quite a few Counter-related Hydras. Hardened Scales, Opal Palace, and Corpsejack Menace are all good +1/+1 Counter cards that I think of off the top of my head. The first Commanders that come to mind are Jenara, Skullpiar, and Vorel.Top responsesGhave, Guru of Spores Or marath are the best counter decks.28 votes[[Animar, Soul of Elements]] is pretty good IMO.9 votesI have a [[Vorosh, The Hunter]] deck, needs more ramp but he can tear players out of the game via commander damage.7 votes[[Experiment Kraj]] - first deck I dank any money into. edit: Sank. Don't reddit at work, boys.5 votes[[Ghave, Guru of Spores]] is very combo-heavy but you can make it fair. [[Cathar's Crusade]] and [[Doubling Season]] are great cards if you want to power …read more3 votesKraj and Ghave are most likely to go infinite, which leads to a ton of counters on everything.2 votes全部【Get Price】

How To Counter Every Deck in Clash Royale | Clash Royale

By including the Inferno Tower and the Skeleton Army, I had 1 hard counter and 1 soft counter to all Medium and Slow Beatdown Decks. By following this process, I had a deck that countered a good part of the meta, and could handle situations where I should have been at a disadvantage.【Get Price】