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26/01/2019· Due to fire safety concerns, Fire Marshalls prefer not to see flammable wood decking on pallet rack. Pallet Supports Metal pallet supports (sometimes called cross bars) appear similar to 2 x 4s, but provide a lot more strength and eliminate the fire hazard issue.【Get Price】

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Timber decking is designed to support pallets on your racking but can also be used as a shelf for non-palletised items. Our open boarded decking has a 22mm gap between the wooden slats and the batons underneath hold it in place between the racking beams.All warehouse decking is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards using timber sourced from sustainable woodlands.【Get Price】

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The open timber decks for pallet racking provided by rapid racking have full span battens to prevent movement. Product Comparison The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4.: Rapid Pallet Racking【Get Price】

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Timber decking is made from rough sawn wooden planks nailed to batons. It provides additional support for your pallets or turns your pallet racking into heavy duty shelving for non-palletised goods. Our timber decks are available as ‘open boarded’ or ‘closed boarded’. These ‘open boarded decks’ have gaps between the wooden planks.【Get Price】

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Slatted or Close Boarded Timber Decking. Warehouse pallet racking decking can be used to provide additional support to pallets that don’t naturally overlap the pallet racking beams by the SEMA regulated standard (ie.50mm overlaps). Ideally for areas where you have a range of pallet sizes.【Get Price】

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Speaking of fire, one of the “hottest” warehouse retrofits going is the replacement of wood decking with wire decking in pallet racks. It’s happening all over the country because wood decking is a fire hazard. Wire decking meets local municipal requirements and the Fire Marshall’s codes and can also help reduce insurance rates.【Get Price】

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Pallet Racking Chipboard Deck ; Very heavy duty 25mm - 650 density P2 specification ; Range of widths available; Steel supports available separately ; Home. Racking. Pallet Racking Accessories. Pallet Racking Chipboard Decks. Free next day delivery On orders over £99 (ex VAT) free design visit: Rapid Pallet Racking【Get Price】