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When to Stain a New Deck: What Is the Best Time?

Spring or fall are the best times to stain your deck. You want to avoid the temperature extremes that summer and winter offer, even if you live in a moderate climate. But temperature is not the only consideration. Direct UV light is also extremely harmful to wood over time.【Get Price】

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30/04/2018· When to Stain your Deck. The weather and time, these are the two elements that you have to have working for you together in order to effectively stain your deck. The amount of time it will take up depends on how big the deck is. You will want to set aside a minimum of two days, including drying time.【Get Price】

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20/04/2016· Apply stain when air and wood surface temperatures are between 50° - 90°F; Avoid applying in direct sunlight; don’t apply stain if rain is in the forecast for the next 24-48 hours. It is ideal to stain your deck in a season that experiences mild temperatures.位置: Ann Arbor, 48108, MI【Get Price】

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25/03/2020· Well, the best time to stain your deck is during the fall. This time of the year presents the perfect weather for staining in all places. If, for example, your region experiences some inconsistencies with “fall time,” then it’s appropriate that you select a time within a year that is favorable for your project.【Get Price】

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The Drier the Better. I feel your pain, but as it turns out, September is not too cold for us, but just …【Get Price】

When is the Best Time to Stain Your Deck?

The time of year that you will find most of these conditions present will probably be during mid-late fall or early spring (before the rainy season hits). If you complete your project during a time when the weather is ideal, your stain will turn out the best and last longer. Now, to choose your stain!【Get Price】