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08/01/2020· For SS "Gem-Knight Lady Lapis Lazuli" we use "Gem-Knight Lazuli" and "Gem-Knight Lapis" from deck. We use "Gem-Knight Lazuli" effect in GY and we add "Gem-Knight Lapis". Nowe we use "Gem-Knight Lady Lapis Lazuli" effect we send "Gem-Knight Seraphinite" - first damage. Nowe "Predaplant verte anaconda" second effect and we SS "Gem-Knight Master Diamond" and we use his effect we select "Gem 【Get Price】

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Gem-Knight FTK 2020. January 8, 2020 CerBal 3,700 0 Comments FTK, Gem-Knight. This deck is certainly the fastest and least complicated from all FTK decks in which we do not count on luck or good hand. Read more. Decks Non-Meta Decks . Gem-Knight. January 4, 2020 January 4, 2020 elementman66 4,640 0 Comments Gem-, Gem-Knight. A Gem-Knight Fusion Deck designed with …【Get Price】

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10/04/2020· Gem-Knight Top-4 (Trinity, March 2020) April 10, 2020 TreetopDuelist 2,360 0 Comments Gem-Knight, OTK, Trinity. Deck Information; Deck Type: Meta Decks: Deck Master: Gem-Knight Fusion: TCG/OCG: TCG: Submission Date: April 10th 2020: Author: TreetopDuelist: YGOPRODeck File Download : View in Online Deck Builder Purchase on TCGplayer Text View YDKe : Ricape: I played Gem-Knight …【Get Price】

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13:3623/02/2020· Top 8 Gem-Knight FTK Deck Profile March 2020 OTS Championship Winnipeg - Joshua McDonald - Duration: 14 (YGOPRO)Deck Gem-knight ftk 2020Adamancipator THE NEW COMPETITIVE YUGIOH - …: Master Diamond【Get Price】

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19/05/2020· pokehima reached King of Games using Gem-Knights on May 19, 2020. Read their notes and test their deck here. Header Navigation. Open Menu. Tier List; Top Decks; Farming & Events; Gem Guide ; Leaks & Updates; Clan Wars; Open Search × Cards; Articles; Skills; Searching Sort by. Release Date. Content Mobile Navigation. Open Menu. Open Search. Gem-Knights Deck by pokehima Added 2020 …【Get Price】

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Gem-Knight Deck (Maio 2020) por Rihen · 02/05/2020. Gem-Knight é um deck de fusões que em sua maioria, são rocks, obtendo uma sinergia enorme com engines como Adamancipator, Block Dragon e Fossil Fusion. Ele joga bem em ambos os turnos, construindo semi-locks e dando OTK com seus combos que spammam diversos monstros. Deck Download: Se você gostou, se …【Get Price】


04/01/2020· It's best to try and get Gem-Knight Phantom Quartz, the Link Monster, on the field first so that you can Fusion Summon further; the best way to do this is either with Rescue Rabbit or, if you don't have it, a Fusion Monster + any "Gem" monster. Toggle Deck List; Monster: Gem-Knight Crystal x2. Gem-Knight Garnet x3 Gem-Knight Tourmaline x3 Gem-Knight Sapphire x3 Gem-Knight Lapis x3 Gem-Knight 【Get Price】

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21/12/2018· Since there are 3 gem knight phantom quartz in the extra deck , if you special summon another knight phantom and use its effect again during another turn , you can send a gem knight phantom from the graveyard to the extra deck so you don't run out of phantom quartz. Deck List; Monster: Gem-Knight Crystal x3. Gem-Knight Garnet x3 Gem-Knight Tourmaline x2 Gem-Knight …【Get Price】

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Welcome to Deck-List and this is a New Gem-Knight Deck Build, a solid Fusion Deck, with a lot of Fusion Monsters with good effects, maybe not like Elemental Heros but they do a good job. The strategy with this deck is basically pressure the opponent with good the attack and velocity of the Fusion Monsters. You can make OTK with this deck super easy, the most used fusion for me is 【Get Price】